RAISE Youth in the time of Corona

Although situation and planned circumstances drastically changed from what we initially planned, we are trying to reorganize ourselves and to focus on the activities that we can still organize. All our face to face meetings, trainings and events have been cancelled as situation in all 4 project countries is similar. In Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania and Spain the life as we know is currently on hold; we are in isolation and all public and outdoor group activities are forbidden. In these strange times we are trying to focus on what we can do while working from home and in digital space and we are making project strategies for the following period if this situation continues during the upcoming months. We are considering organizing online trainings for our selected NEETS and to carry our NEET motivation via phone calls and via social media campaigns. As much as we are worried because of delays and negative impacts Corona virus has on our RAISE Youth project plans, one of the aspects of our project is to use digital tools and innovation to find new solutions thus we have to use our energy and creativity to adapt to the current circumstances and to find new solutions!

In our thoughts we are with those who are really having it much worse i.e. with those who are sick and completely isolated and those who lost their beloved ones. These are the times when solidarity is crucial for the well being of our societies and survival and we believe that we can grow stronger if we learn from this experience. Our planet needs us to create a new and more sustainable reality – maybe we can use this as a wakeup call to do better and be more responsible. We owe that to our only home, our Earth and to all upcoming generations.