Analysis of the current condition of tourism sector as groundwork for development

Analysis of the current condition of tourism sector in Lika-Senj county and its outskirts is focused on tourism basis, problems, existing entrepreneurial initiatives, and probable solutions. Writing the analysis was done through its area depiction, description of attractions basis, current tourism service providers and analytical contemplation of possible solutions and opportunities for future business initiatives.

Methodology of creating this analysis is a combination of previous experience and field knowledge combined with data from tourism boards, cities and counties as well as the Ministry of tourism. Opinions presented are exclusively author’s viewpoints and responsibility.

Analysis encompasses four cities and twelve municipalities in three counties, the focus being Lika-Senj county and its outskirts. Total geographical surface of the analysis in question is 6 977,29 km2, with a population of 72 408. Disproportion of touristic development is visible from the recorded number of overnight stays. Plitvice Lakes municipality records nearly half of the overnight stays, and with Rakovica municipality, which environmentally belongs to Plitvice, ¾ of all overnight stays. Analysis presents more and less developed and known micro-destinations with highlighted development potentials and warnings of critical points in them.

There are several legitimate accommodation types which, according to the Hospitality and Catering Industry Act and Act on Provision of Tourism Services, can provide hospitality services as either legal or physical entities (in households or on family agricultural farms). It has been determined through research that there are relatively few accommodations on family agricultural farms, while household accommodations are more represented, as can be seen on the examples of Plitvice Lakes and Rakovica municipality and Slunj city. On the other hand, some researched areas have little to no accommodations of any type.

Analysis elaborates touristic attractions basis, more and less renowned. Through said basis, the importance of researched area in touristic context is being presented. Potential, problems and possible solutions for each individual basis are shown through a prism of potential entrepreneurial initiatives.

Providers of other tourism services, especially adventure and other types, are concentrated around Plitvice Lakes and Gacka river area, and to a lesser extent, in Velebit vicinity, especially Gospić outskirts. Other analysed areas, unfortunately, have little to no providers of such type.

Suggested entrepreneurial initiatives based on the analysis are: accommodations on family agricultural farms, excursion sites and tasting facilities, specialized touristic agencies, uncommon accommodation types, high-end accommodations, camps, Robinson-type tourism, adventure and other tourism services, hiking guides, family accommodations, hostels and mountain homes. All listed initiatives are potentially attractive for the researched area and can be practically applied in a relatively uncomplicated manner. Minimum of one example of positive practice for each initiative has been provided.

Analysed area is distinctly abundant in environmental potentials for sustainable tourism development combined with sustainable agriculture. All forms of sustainable tourism suggested in the analysis are products and services of added value. This analysis can contribute to contemplations of future entrepreneurs and give directions in which they can further develop their ideas.


Full version of the analysis is available in Croatian. Contact us for more information.