Storytelling course in Pernik region


Center for Sustainable Communities Development is organizing a storytelling course for young NEETs aged 18 to 29 in Pernik region.

Storytelling is a technique in modern communication which is also used as a means of influence and suggestion. It is a technique for constructing stories through which a certain message, suggestion, emotion, belief, value or other is conveyed. A well-told story has a power to motivate, inspire and to change the way of thinking but its most important feature is that it can encourage listeners and the audience to act. Storytelling is a way to convince people to support initiatives and business ventures or to find a better job.

All participants in this training will receive a toolkit that will help them build the form and content of the story so that it becomes even more remarkable. The results of the course will also be used in future RAISE activities.

Goals of the course are:

  • Understanding of the concept of Storytelling and how to use it effectively
  • Applying stories in different environments – when looking for work, in business, among friends
  • Mastering the tools and techniques for telling a story with a specific purpose.


The course participants will act as collaborators; they will travel in the region, collect photo materials and tell interesting stories about the tourist landmarks they are proud of. Their stories will be included in the blog section of a mobile tourist application (which will also be developed during this project). This is a great opportunity for young people to start careers in the professions of the future by becoming bloggers and influencers.