“AUR” – the National Association of Human Resources Specialists

“AUR” – the National Association of Human Resources Specialists  is a professional non-profit, non-governmental organization, with legal personality, created for the purpose of promoting the concept of human resources in Romania.


The main activities of AUR are: Informing and educating in the spirit of the nationally and internationally recognized human rights; Promoting a real dialogue between all social actors; Defining, elaborating and implementing the professional standards within the human resources area; Providing professional assistance in the human resources area – consultancy and coaching, training sessions, seminars, workshops, professional counselling etc.;  Promoting human rights and labour rights, as well as equal opportunity legislation; Active involvement in the promotion and implementation of projects;  Elaboration and publication of professional materials (HR, RSC, ILO standards etc.) contribute to Creating partnerships and networks at national and international level.

Raluca Manaila, AUR, Romanian coordinator RAISE Youth


Raluca is responsible for the strategic planning and coordination of the project at national level, international project representation, managing project stakeholders relations, coordination of the communication manager in terms of implementing the RAISE Youth communication strategy, coordination of the financial officer, especially in securing an effective cash-flow for the proper project implementation, on-going collaboration with international partners & lead partner and FO representatives.


For the past 15 years Raluca has been fighting for human rights & social equality. Working closely with labour and women rights movements globally, lobbing for inclusive employment legislation at national and European levels, coordinating a raft of global development projects mainly co-founded by the European Commission. Raluca is always believing in people and striving to empower!

Ionica Manaila, AUR, Financial Officer & Communication Manager


As financial officer, Ionica’s responsibilities involve the delivery of financial documentation & forecasts needed by both lead partner and national coordinator for a proper financial project management, offering support to the national coordinator in securing the needed funds for an effective project cash-flow, drawing up the subcontracting procedures, maintaining the relations with AUR’s accountant, bank representatives, fiscal authorities and the project auditor. Ionica is also responsible for preparing the financial report and presenting it to the national coordinator and project auditor for approval.


As a communication manager, Ionica’s responsibilities involve implementing the project communication strategy under the coordination of the national coordinator and planning all the preliminary steps needed for the implementation of the communication events at RO level. On a permanent basis, she keeps the contact with the lead project communication manager in order to insure a coherent project communication.


Ionica is a dynamic, tenacious, sociable person, with real communication skills, flexible in human relationships and with a good organizational spirit. During the last 20 years she has accumulated a great experience in the field of social entrepreneurship occupying various positions in projects dedicated to social economy (such as project manager, entrepreneurial advisor, and expert for the business environment). She cares about people and wants her work to bring more wellbeing to those who need it most by facilitating opportunities for a better life.

Daniela Mihaita, AUR, Technical project expert


Daniela coordinates her work with the national coordinator and she is responsible for the implementation of project working procedures and providing support to other project experts in specific fields of intervention. She reports and monitors the project progress and implementation and maintains close contact with project subcontractors in order to have the contract’s requirements fulfilled accordingly.


Daniela believes in sustainable and well-done things, in education and equal opportunities for all. The principles of social pedagogy and the values of intercultural education lay at the core of her professional work. She values simplicity and honesty. NEETs represent not only a challenge but a need to be identified, a problem to be solved, a solution to be put into practice. Daniela needs to feel the added value that her work brings to this group of people. She brings to the project her extensive experience in adults training, in social research and developing procedures for project implementation.