Mobile touristic app for the region of Pernik


In order to reach goals of RAISE Youth project a mobile travel application will be created. This application will navigate tourists in the region and show them landmarks, hotels, restaurants and souvenir shops.

The Pernik region is located in close proximity to Sofia which is ideal for walking and relaxing during the weekends. Not only churches and monasteries can be visited, but also many local artisans. People who visit can learn local crafts and try local food. However, most of these places remain unknown to average tourists mainly because of poor advertising and poor presentation of the region on the Internet.

This mobile app will enable tourists from Bulgaria and abroad to navigate their chosen routes depending on their interests. As more and more young people are choosing to spend their free time outside the big city away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, this application will provide them better orientation and give them new ideas for one-day and two-day trips and vacations.

What results could be expected?

  • Increasing tourists’ interest in the region and its highlights.
  • Improved visibility of local businesses and local producers on the Internet.
  • Creating links and contacts between all stakeholders through one platform.