Success story David Garrido: from being part of one of Casarrubuelos’ first trainings to be hired as gardener

David Garrido, was one of the unemployed young people who received one of the first trainings in composting and vermiculture that was given in the RAISE DEMO Center of Casarrubuelos in winter 2020. He was also part at that time of the group of young volunteers who contributed to the initial cleaning and conditioning of the RAISE DEMO Center of Vermiculture Casarrubuelos.

It witnessed, therefore, our beginnings as a demonstration centre in vermiculture and as a space for recycling organic waste through composting and vermicomposting; it also witnessed our beginnings as a training space for unemployed young people in composting, vermicomposting and gardening.

David has recently been hired as a gardener by the Casarrubuelos Town Council and continues his training in gardening and composting. He has also returned to visit our DEMO Center with his new fellow gardeners; he was pleasantly surprised to find a much more structured and professional demo centre, where numerous courses for young people, community activities, crop exchanges, free distributions of worm humus, etc. have already taken place, and now also with 14 urban gardens that give the space an important vegetable richness.

He is very proud to have also been part of our development and improvement process and wanted to convey this fact to us