Ialomița young NEETs

Valea Măcrișului is one of the 59 municipalities of Ialomița county in Romania. It is not a large community; it’s composed of two villages and according to last census around 2000 inhabitants live in this area. The main local activities are associated with fruits plantations, agricultural crops and livestock. The closest town Urziceni is around 15 km away. It is one of the most important cities in the county although it is quite small on the country level. The participating young NEETs from this area during our presentation in February 2020 were mostly young mothers. Some of them came to our event together with their young children. These female young NEETs showed interest in completing their elementary education while young male NEETs explained how they are looking for “better” jobs. There was also a specific case among participants; a young man who, according to the assessment of the social worker from the local council “is illiterate but very hardworking and skilled in everything he does”.