CASARRUBUELOS City Council is a public organization of Spanish State Administration responsible for local activities, focusing on those services and infrastructure that are essential for its citizens.


Departments of Casarrubuelos City Council are in charge of the following municipal services:

  1. Environmental services such as water and waste management, forestry, gardens and parks, environmental monitoring of economic activities
  2. Economic promotion and rural development
  3. Educational services such as kindergarten, school maintenance
  4. Social services such as services for marginalized and disadvantaged citizens, support for handicapped people, in-house services for elderly people
  5. Urban planning and management, including monitoring of building, land-use classification and checking, and discipline
  6. Facility management (public lighting, pipelines, paving)
  7. Monitoring of activities carried out by private facility companies (electricity, phone or gas)
  8. Building and maintenance of municipal dependencies (buildings, headquarters, warehouses), streets and pathways
  9. Sport services, including maintenance of sport public pavilions
  10. Cultural services and main festive activities, usually cooperating with local associations or collectives


Main city objectives are approached by the Major and Council Members; they are elected every four years directly by citizens. Casarrubuelos Government is composed of 11 Councilmen and Councilwomen, who are running management areas. Management also includes maintenance of relationships with other Administrations, such as Madrid Regional Government and Spanish National Government, or other municipalities.

Jose A. Casado, Casarrubuelos, Project Coordinator


Jose Casado is RAISE Youth Project Coordinator in Casarrubuelos City Council. He is responsible for the coordination of all project activities and project employees who work on the RAISE Youth project at Casarrubuelos City Council.


He believes RAISE Youth Project is a great tool to help young people realise their great potential and create their own opportunities (he himself has been an entrepreneur all his life).


As a project coordinator for RAISE Youth Casarrubuelos Jose’s mission is to ensure the RAISE Youth project in Casarrubuelos achieves its objectives and inspires many diverse actors to participate in its development and success.

Olga Rábade, Casarrubuelos, Project Technician


Olga is the Project Technician of RAISE Youth Project in Casarrubuelos town, being in charge of managing day-to-day operations and technical activities in our area. She is also responsible for the financial part of the project, supervising the administrative matters. She is one of the persons in charge of the contact with key agents and stakeholders.


Olga is as well one of our experts on sustainable matters as Circular Economy, Composting and Vermicomposting, being one of the teachers who teaches these sustainable training courses in our DEMO Center.


She believes that by using innovation in ecology we will create a source of new opportunities for young men and women. Young people are the future and the future has to go hand in hand with nature and taking care of the environment, so starting new businesses must be under a green economy and environmental sustainability!

Begoña Díaz, Casarrubuelos, Communication Manager


Begoña is the Communication Manager of the RAISE Youth Project in Casarrubuelos (Spain), being responsible of the creation and implementation of the communication strategy. Creating and spreading all the content, news and marketing materials about our activities and events. She is also in charge of the Media and Social Media strategies.


She acts as Project Manager Assistant too, being involved in the development of tasks and activities, preparing technical reports and being in charge of the English part of the project: giving overall support to the management members of the team.


She strongly believes in young people and their skills and talent! RAISE Youth Project is a great opportunity to support Youths in developing their entrepreneurial spirit and starting new businesses.

Maria del Carmen Gozálvez, Casarrubuelos, Administrator


Maria del Carmen’s role on RAISE Youth Project is the management of all administration related to project partner Casarrubuelos. She is delighted to be a part of this project. Carmen believes that by working together we will improve employment opportunities for young men and women.

Francisca Pareja, Casarrubuelos, Gardening and maintenance collaborating trainer


Francisca is a teacher accredited by the Community of Madrid to teach the Certificate of professionalism for training and employment: Basic operations in nurseries and garden centres. Installation, improvement and maintenance of gardens, parks and green areas. Her professional experience as teacher in the last 8 years is plus than 5000 hours, and in the last 4 years, plus than 20 courses given to about 200 students. She is very satisfied seeing how young people get involved in their job training to carry out a future labour with a positive impact on the environment, considering that it is the basis of sustainable development.