The Foundation FUNDECYT Scientific and Technological Park of Extremadura is a non profit organisation based in Extremadura (Spain). Fundecyt’s aim is to contribute to the social and economic exploitation of science and technology in the region, supporting and promoting scientific and technological development and a better use of research and innovation outcomes, and encourage the participation of civil society mobilizing its resources.


Some examples of FUNDECYT’s work are:


Supporting Regional Government in the design of the Smart Specialization Strategy in Extremadura, the Regional Digital Agenda and other European matters such as Health and Well Ageing.


Supporting Regional Government in the implementation of the Office for Innovation (O4i), establishing bridges between Science, Technology and Innovation of Extremadura (SECTI) and business.


At international level, the Foundation promotes knowledge transfer to third countries, collaborating through tenders and international cooperation projects in strategies of development of science and technology in Latin America.


In the area of social innovation, the Foundation fosters this process in the region, mainly related to the attention to silver workers – how to exploit the benefits of ageing workforce – and promotion of social entrepreneurship on silver economy.

Anto Recio Cuesta, FUNDECYT-PCTEX, Project  Manager


Within his project role, Anto responsibilities are related to the design of methodological framework for trainings and incubation process, facilitating  training of the trainers process, developing  tasks and activities in collaboration with both FUNDECYT-PCTEX team and the whole consortium enabling overall implementation of the strategic plan and holistic project execution.


Anto has spent several years working in international social/collaborative development projects, exploring the relationship between technology and society and its pragmatic application from the humanistic point of view. Interested in the sharing of knowledge as a new way of cultural management and as a new horizon to explore, Anto is convinced that the power of social entrepreneurship can improve the World.

Miguel Contreras-Cervantes Santos, FUNDECYT-PCTEX, Project Assistant


Miguel’s main role is related to the management of daily operations while supporting Fundecyt’s Communication Manager’s activities. He is in charge of writing and editing Fundecyt’s articles published in RAISE’s webpage, as well as those published in the Youth Employment Magazine. Part of his duties entail the review of content and style of several publications, the preparation of technical reports, and the translation into English of those done in Spanish. He is also involved in the development of tasks and activities and gives overall support to other members of the team.


Miguel has recently joined Fundecyt-PCTEX as the new Project Assistant for the RAISE Youth project. Not so long ago he was a NEET himself, so he is fully aware of the challenges and difficulties that young NEETs face in rural areas. He truly believes that the RAISE Youth project will greatly benefit young NEETs and will improve their job prospects and their quality of life in their territories.

María Gracia Benítez Jaramillo, FUNDECYT-PCTEX, Project Assistant


María Gracia’s main role is related to implementation of project activities in Extremadura region, also supporting management activities.


She is convinced that training is the best tool we can offer young people, together with the right motivation, this can be the differential factor to start a professional career. María Gracia hopes that our project will “raise” the right seed that will help NEETs to change their current situation.

Carlos Cabo Domínguez, FUNDECYT-PCTEX, Project Assistant


Carlos’s main duties within the scope of RAISE Youth project are: the implementation of the strategic plan and its execution under the direction of the Project Manager; the assistance on the design of different methodologies to be used by other members of the consortium; and the development and management of tasks and activities.


Carlos is developing different Regional, National, European and International projects aimed at fostering and facilitating the exchange of knowledge among enterprises in areas such as Agriculture Development, ICT & Tourism and Innovation among others. With expertise in Bioeconomy, Circular Economy and Organic Farming, Carlos represents the most technical facet of Fundecyt and is firmly determined to pass on his knowledge to young NEETs participating in the RAISE Youth project.

Rosa Méndez Mejías, FUNDECYT-PCTEX, Project Assistant


Within her project role, Rosa  has the following duties:  manage day-to-day operations and technical activities of Project Coordinator, implementation of the strategic plan and project execution under the direction of the Project Manager, manage front desk operations, financial and accounting functions, project management with the supervision of the Financial Manager, manage daily financial operations, prepare technical and financial reports with the supervision of the Financial Manager and Project Manager. Her responsibilities also include daily management of operations of internal resources, tasks and activities and development of tasks and activities in collaboration with both FUNDECYT-PCTEX team and the whole consortium.


Rosa is very involved in Social projects targeting disadvantaged groups, so this is an opportunity to use all that experience and overturn it in order to improve the training and labour expectations of NEETs.