On June 17th FUNDECYT-PCTEX will organise an online meeting for all RAISE Youth Project Partners with the aim to train them on Social Service Jam methodology.

Within the SKILLS & COMPETENCES work package, FUNDECYT-PCTEX is in charge of creating the methodology related to the Social Service Jam activity. This is a new and innovative concept that does not consist so much in obtaining precise results, but in enjoying the process, learning, interacting and empathizing with the other jammers. The Social Service Jam is inspired by methodologies such as Design Thinking that uses the creative thinking and dynamic games as resources to explore new solutions.

Social Service Jam, within the framework of the RAISE Youth project, is a collaborative creativity workshop to find new solutions for the economic, social, cultural, and environmental challenges of rural areas. It is an opportunity to build community, learn new working tools to enable ideas coming true while identifying opportunities to undertake with social impact.

As its name implies, the purpose of Social Service Jam is to combine talent and motivation to develop new services and products that respond to a social challenge, mainly oriented to sustainable agriculture, rural tourism and the use of ICT in a transversal way, as adding up elements of employment and economic development. It is mainly orientated towards young NEETs between 20 and 29 years old, specifically between 25 and 29 years old, from the participating territories and their surroundings. Young entrepreneurs will go through three stages: EMPATHIZE, DEFINE AND IDEATE:

In short, social jams will contribute to the creation of user communities at the RAISE Demo Centers for rural innovation and social entrepreneurship that will be established in each territory involved in the project: Rumania, Croatia, Bulgaria and Spain.