FIRST day of the Romanian RAISE Youth Online DIGITAL CAMP

On Thursday, July 23rd, RAISE Youth Romania started the Online DIGITAL CAMP that will take place from July to November.

During this period, more than 500 Romaninan NEETs will have the opportunity to join training sessions about:

  • general digital skills
  • digital skills applied to the sustainable farming sector
  • digital skills applied to rural ecotourism



The first introductory session of the RO RAISE Youth DIGITAL CAMP focused on scanning the interests of our young beneficiaries: how much time do they spend online daily, why do they access the internet, what kind of applications do they use on a regular basis, what kind of social networks do they prefer and if they know how to generate digital content such as videos, photos etc.

Complementary, their specific interest for our project activities was scanned in terms of utility and innovation. We found out that Facebook and YouTube are the most used sources for information and entertainment, that mainly they communicate online with the family members living and working abroad and that they prefer to share digital content created by other rather than creating their own – but there is interest in learning how to generate their personal digital content.

The participants to the first digital skills training session expressed that they were pleased with the session and asked if they can bring other NEET friends to the following sessions.