Synergy Between RAISE and PASSPARTOOL Projects

The word “Synergy” comes from a Greek word meaning “cooperation”. The concept is used to refer to the action of two or more causes that generate an effect greater than that which would be achieved by the sum of the individual effects.

And this is exactly what we have done on the 28th January 2021 by using the context of the PASSPARTOOL Project (INTERREG EUROPE), which main objective is to improve the capability of public policy makers to develop efficient policies supporting non formal/ soft and open innovation processes, with a focus on non R&D driven and social innovation, to share the experiences and results (so far) of the RAISE Youth Project.

This type of innovation is gaining relevance both from social and economic point of view and Extremadura Region, by means of FUNDECYT-PCTEX, is represented in both Projects. We truly expect that all lessons learned from both initiatives can be shared first within their respective partnerships´ contexts, but also and secondly, with regional stakeholders in order to improve their understanding and management regarding non-formal innovation, including its impact measurement.

From FUNDECYT-PCTEX we will enhance the coordination and complementarity between the RAISE and PASSPARTOOL projects.