Bianca’s Story

My name is BIANCA and I live in Buda village, Vrancea County. I have graduated a local high school, but I am currently not employed. Also I am not formally married, but I have a long term relationship and my partner is currently working in Germany, in order to ensure a decent subsistence for us. I have three little girls and as I am not employed, I support myself and the family financially, with the help of the social assistance benefits my children are entitled to. Registering to the RAISE Youth project was for me a great opportunity, a new chance to a better future. So, what I did was, to register to the project and this way I had the chance to participate and graduate from the Eco Farming Certified Training program. I must say that I felt very proud to be a part of this group of your people.


As I normally spend the majority of my days at home, taking care of my children, with the little free time that I find, I undertake subsistence agricultural activities such as cultivating vegetables and raising bees, pigs … activities aimed at our own home consumption. After the training and the mentoring received as a RAISE Youth participant, now I dare to believe that one day I could set up my own sustainable farming business – raising pigs and cultivating myself their food. As a part of the Vrancea County Demo Center, at the moment i am learning and practicing how to cultivate organic lucerne and hoping that these new skills will help me, in the near future, to manage my own agro business.