Workshop: How to Use the Funds from the Rural Development Program of RH


A workshop on the Rural Development Programme of Republic of Croatia took place on September 30th in the city of Gospić, Croatia. Workshop presented the measures aimed at increasing the competitiveness of Croatian agriculture, forestry and processing industry, as well as improving the living and working conditions in rural areas.

The emphasis was  on the measure 6 – Farm and business development. This measure aims to help with very high number of small agricultural holdings with weak economic sustainability and the significant migration trends of younger people from rural areas as a result of poor living and working conditions for young families, low employment opportunities due to lack of economic viability and the employment opportunities in urban centres.

Sub-measure which were explained on the workshop are 6.1. – business start up aid for young farmers that contributes to generational renewal in the agricultural economy and helps to reverse the migration trend, especially among young people and 6.3 – business start up aid for the development of small farms which encourages the development of small farms which are potentially economically sustainable.

Almost 50 young farmers and owners of the small farms attended the workshop. All of them see a great potential of the Lika region in the development of agricultural activities. For this reason RAISE Youth will continue organizing similar workshops in order to encourage the rural development and return of young people to this area.