Panels to Bring Stakeholders Together in Extremadura

As the RAISE Youth projects advances and it gets implemented in the different regions of the participants, it is now up to the team of FUNDECYT-PCTEX to start implementing in Extremadura the knowledge and good practices acquired by the other partners of the consortium when implementing and establishing their own DEMO Centers.

As part of the efforts from FUNDECYT-PCTEX to engage young NEETs and key stakeholders in the territories, the team of the Park has organized a series of event and panels to discuss key strategic issues that directly affects young NEETs and the institutions, either public or private, trying to work with them. By working together with Ruralízate, a small organization based in a small village in the west of Extremadura that works with local action groups, townhalls and other institutions to tackle depopulation and help young people stay and work in their areas, FUNDECYT-PCTEX has organized a first panel of discussion to talk about new ways to revitalize rural areas and to promote young entrepreneurship.

This first session has proven quite successful, as people from all over the region and key organization from outside Extremadura, such as the City Council of Casarrubuelos, came together to discuss and give ideas on how to tackle this problematic. With participants from public and private sector, local administrations, young entrepreneur and even young NEETs that are interested in the RAISE Youth project and that want to start their own business in Extremadura, this session has demonstrated that there is the intention from stakeholder to work together with the Park to implement the project in the region.

There are three more sessions planned to take place in the near future, each with a distinct problematic to solve, that are focused on engaging not only stakeholders but also young NEETs so they can share their experiences and needs with public and private institutions to design specific strategies that are suited for them. From FUNDECYT-PCTEX we expect that these sessions help not only Extremadura, but all of the other members and stakeholders participating in the RAISE Youth project in the form of good practices and knowledge shared, to really suit the needs of young NEETs and start offering them services and activities that will really help them grow and improve their job prospect, capacities and skills.