Entrepreneurship through the European projects

Raise Youth Casarrubuelos regularly participates in trainings on cutting-edge business topics or of the latest news, this with two main objectives: to transfer this knowledge on interesting matters for business management and entrepreneurship to the NEETs participating in the trainings held by RAISE Youth Casarrubuelos -courses carried out in the RAISE DEMO Center of Casarrubuelos (Madrid – Spain), First Demonstration Center of Vermiculture in Europe-, and also to raise awareness of the RAISE Youth Project among public agencies or entities, as well as private organizations working with young people or on issues of employment and entrepreneurship, looking as well for establishing possible synergies and collaboration between organizations.


In this sense, RAISE Youth Casarrubuelos team has recently, attended some interesting training on “Entrepreneurship through the European projects”: a three-day webinar to take advantage of the resources, funds and possibilities offered by a multitude of European projects to carry out entrepreneurship or employment promotion projects.


These online training sessions for entrepreneurship through European programmes or projects were given by the SMAPE (Madrid advisory service for European programmes). Thanks to this public service, the Regional Ministry of the Presidency, Justice and Home Affairs helps public administrations, non-profit organisations and foundations, and schools in the Region of Madrid to obtain European funding to implement their projects or alternatives proposed.


The sessions, which took place last January, were attended by more than thirty public and private organizations from different fields interested in entrepreneurship and innovation. Especially interesting for the Casarrubuelos team were the contributions on sustainable entrepreneurship and creative entrepreneurship after the difficult economic situation created by the Covid-19 pandemic. Having as well the opportunity to share what we do at RAISE Youth Project with the rest of the participants.