Farewell from RAISE Youth Casarrubuelos

Casarrubuelos’ participation in the RAISE Youth project has been very productive and interesting. Thanks to it, and to the funding and support of the EEA and Norway Grants, the First Vermicomposting Demonstration Center in Europe has been established in Casarrubuelos (Madrid – Spain), as a collaborative center with a surface area of 2450m2 for being used by the whole community, within the framework of the Circular Economy and to promote the experimentation and the dissemination of innovative agri-environmental activities.

RAISE Casarrubuelos is a social project too for the sustainability of municipalities, through the recycling of urban organic waste by means of composting and vermicomposting.

RAISE Youth Casarrubuelos and its DEMO Centre of circular economy, have as main objective to give support and qualified training to NEETs, with the intention of helping them to become entrepreneurs and/or to improve their general employability. Always favouring the creation of employment from a sustainable and environmentally friendly perspective.

In addition, the Casarrubuelos DEMO Center has also become a collaborative space for the generation of ideas and networking, where young people can increase their network of contacts and where the ideas contributed by the members of the community can be collected, promoted and put into practice.

The heart of RAISE Casarrubuelos are our youths. Concretely, more than 600 NEETs that have known the activity, training courses and mentoring programmes of RAISE Youth Casarrubuelos. With more than 300 NEETs that have participated in our trainings and about 70 NEETs having started a business or got a job, while other 15 are in the process of creating their own business.

From the professional team of Casarrubuelos, we are very proud of all our young people and the effort they have made to become more valuable workers. Our commitment to them has been total and we have tried to provide them with real help and support in their training and professional training processes. Thank you all for letting us be part of your success stories, overcoming and personal and professional growth processes!!!!

And thanks, of course, as well, to our European partners and colleagues in the RAISE Youth Project promoted and funded by the EEA & Norway Grants, without whose initiative, support and funding none of this would have been possible. It has been a pleasure to be part of one of your interesting projects to achieve a green, competitive and inclusive Europe.