Sustainability of the RAISE Youth Project

RAISE Youth project has been implemented in Bulgaria, Croatia, Spain, and Romania, demonstrating a strong commitment to sustainability, youth empowerment, and community development. Through a multifaceted approach encompassing innovative agriculture, modern technology and community engagement, project partners have fostered enduring impacts that extend beyond the project’s lifespan. From establishing RAISE demo centers to creating digital tools and forging strategic partnerships, RAISE Youth project has not only empowered youth but also laid a foundation for sustainable development.

In each country, the project has focused on rural areas facing numerous challenges, making it a notable achievement to effectively reach and engage these beneficiaries. Throughout the project implementation, RAISE Youth has invested substantial staff efforts and has trained new trainers who will carry on with the initiative, spreading and promoting the newly acquired skills and knowledge. This investment in capacity-building ensures the sustainability and long-term impact of the project’s outcomes within these communities.

The developed RAISE Youth Methodology aimed to make a significant methodological shift from traditional training and self-employment promotional programmes, where young people go from being just passive subject assert a more proactive role in seeking solutions to their unemployment and other problems of their communities. Furthermore, the positive impact of the initiatives promoted by these young entrepreneurs will promote the creation of new products, services and value chains that will attract new people and increase the socioeconomic development of their territories. The particularities, challenges and strength of each territory have played a prominent role in the conceptualization of the methodology. This is the reason why this methodology has been designed while keeping in mind a global perspective that can be adapted to a local context, which makes it replicable in different levels and contexts.