Fema d.o.o.

Fema doo, in Lika – Otočac starts the production of organic fertilizer from discarded sheep wool.
Organic fertilizer produced by the process of pelleting wool is considered to be a nitrogen organic fertilizer with a high percentage of nitrogen of 12.5%.
The environmental benefit is the reduction of CO2 emissions; because it has been scientifically proven that sheep deposit CO2 in wool by grazing, which is later released into the ground in the form of pellets, feeding the soil.
1. 100% utilization of waste wool, industrial wool recycling creates new products
2. Significant reduction in CO2 emissions, at least 60% COD
3. Innovative products for agriculture, construction, medicine and cosmetics
4. Bio-wool as an economic benefit to the local economy
5. Lower water consumption in agriculture using wool pellets
6. Depopulation of the rural area, by employing the local population through the green economy
7. EKO LIKA center becomes a production economically sustainable business model easily applicable to other areas and markets

Dragica Jerkov, Manager

Dragica is director of Fema- Split, Croatia
Entrepreneur for 38 years, and since 1994 general agent of SCAVOLINI SpA-Italia for the area of Southeast Europe-.
She is the member of KRUG – business women HR, and member of various European, Mediterranean and world business organizations.
Trained-Green Mind Business Solutions, and has a passion for the green and bio-circular economy.

Ante Jerkov, Administration


Željko Jerkov, Accountant