New focus groups in Spain

On 12th and 14th of May 2020 FUNDECYT-PCTEX organized two online FOCUS GROUPS for NEETs and Stakeholders of Extremadura Region

During focus group sessions RAISE Youth staff from FUNDECYT-PCTEX was discussing and working, side by side, with regional stakeholders and young people to achieve common conclusions. Together with FUNDECYT-PCTEX, 8 young people and 7 representatives of entities/stakeholders from Extremadura were part of this process.

During the first FOCUS GROUP, the one with NEETs, one of the conclusions we reached, and which is also common to the most of the young people who participated in the household survey at national level, is their need for information about entrepreneurial programs through online Social Networks. ‘Virtual environment’ is for the youth their usual environment in which they feel secure, comfortable and ‘at home’.

During the second FOCUS GROUP, the one with regional stakeholders, and in line with the above-mentioned conclusion of young people, all participating stakeholders recognized that for their programmes and projects to be effective, they must use the language and communication channels used by young people.

These two points of view on the same subject – a demand that will be taken into account by all of us who work on RAISE Youth project.