Objetives of the RAISE DEMO Center of Casarrubuelos


  1. To increase the knowledge of local residents and participants in RAISE Youth Casarrubuelos activities about Circular Economy, organic Recycling and Sustainability. Promoting environmental awareness and recycling culture in the population.
  2. Creating community, favouring the exchange of experiences, knowledge, resources and the production achieved (seasonal vegetable products and organic compost of the highest quality).
  3. Recovery of the rural knowledge of the area, valuing both the autochthonous and seasonal production of the area, as well as the consumption of seasonal organic products, as it was traditionally done.
  4. Promotion of sustainable agricultural activity as a possible employment option for young people in the area, encouraging interest in the agricultural recovery of the area, the recovery of traditional exchange systems such as bartering and the emergence of entrepreneurial initiatives by young people related to the training and productive initiatives carried out at the DEMO Center.
  5. Health and well-being, giving young people the opportunity to create useful spaces through their efforts and work. Strengthening of family ties, by carrying out activities and work as a family, as well as by collaborating with other families.
  6. Quality education, being able to hold outdoor courses/workshops in the DEMO Center facilities, taking the natural outdoor environment as a reference).
  7. Reduction of inequalities, by offering a space for the local youth group, enhancing their synergies and generating group cohesion.
  8. Life and terrestrial ecosystems, making young people aware of the natural treasure that surrounds them, enhancing awareness of their protection and potential.
  9. Alliances to achieve objectives, linking these youth action groups with town councils, public bodies and neighbourhood youth associations, as well as the general population.

All this in line with the broad objectives of sustainability of the municipality of Casarrubuelos, which will involve the recycling of most of the organic waste generated in the municipality, obtaining compost and worm humus to fertilise the urban gardens of the RAISE DEMO Center in Casarrubuelos, distribute among the participants in this initiative and fertilise and restore the quality of municipal land and gardens. In addition to positioning Casarrubuelos as an innovative municipality in terms of Circular Economy at both national and European level.


Towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): In 2015, the UN adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, an opportunity for countries and their societies to embark on a new path to improve the lives of all, leaving no one behind. The Agenda has 17 Sustainable Development Goals, ranging from the elimination of poverty to combating climate change, education, women’s equality, environmental protection and the design of our cities.


RAISE DEMO Center of Casarrubuelos is working primarily towards achieving the SDGs related to the sustainability of territories and respect for the planet’s environment, which are so necessary to ensure the survival not only of the human race, but also of the rest of our planet’s animal and plant species. However, other SDGs related to gender equality, quality education and the reduction of inequalities are worked as well.

RAISE Casarrubuelos supports young entrepreneurs. If you would like to participate or find out more information about the RAISE Youth project in Spain, please write to us at raise@casarrubuelos.es. You can also follow us on  FacebookInstagram or Twitter.