Free training for young people


RAISE Youth Casarrubuelos offers free courses and training to unemployed young people between 20 and 29 years old, covering the three training areas of the RAISE Youth Project: AGRO, TOURISM and DIGITAL.

Examples of our latest trainings in entrepreneurship have been our ’Social Service Jam’ or creative idea generation event and our latest course ‘Entrepreneurship in times of Covid-19’, a course that has prepared the young participants not only for entrepreneurship, but also to be able to take advantage of moments of crisis to stand out.

In addition, the RAISE DEMO Center in Casarrubuelos also provides recurrent training on Sustainability, Circular Economy, Recycling, Composting, Vermicomposting, Urban Home Gardens and Gardening in general.



Casarrubuelos RAISE DEMO Center workshops:

·       Home and community composting workshops.

These workshops involve young people and their families, expanding their knowledge of Circular Economy, Organic Recycling and Sustainability, with the aim of promoting environmental awareness and recycling culture in the population.

These workshops focus on the collection and transformation of organic waste (from the homes of DEMO Center volunteers) to obtain compost: ecological organic fertiliser. 

Participants learn how to reuse and give a second life to their organic waste by recycling it using the composting method. They learn the main aspects of what compost is, how to create it and how to use it.

In addition, participants are prepared for the creation of companies according to the Sustainable Waste Management Strategy of the Community of Madrid in order to meet its objectives in terms of Sustainability.

·       Vermiculture workshops.

These workshops also focus on the collection and transformation of organic waste into the best ecological organic fertiliser on the market: worm humus, but, on this occasion, using the vermiculture technique.

Training is given on what vermiculture is, how to carry it out and the uses of the final product obtained, both at a private level, but also as a new and emerging business model, within the Circular Economy and Sustainability sector.

·       Training in domestic urban gardens.

This activity takes place on the premises of the RAISE DEMO Center of Casarrubuelos, creating community, exchanging experiences, knowledge, resources and even the production achieved. The young people learn how to take charge of an urban garden: from the initial preparation of the land to the harvesting and preservation of the vegetables.


·       Tree planting and arboretum design.

An arboretum is a botanical collection composed exclusively of trees or living collections of woody plants. In them, small groups of trees of the same species are planted and identified by their name and Latin name together with a brief description of some distinguishing characteristic of that species.

A botanical tree garden is created to raise awareness and preserve the survival and proper care of these species among the population. Participants learn the basic characteristics of each species, how to properly plant the different species, as well as their care.

·       Workshops on cuttings and seeds.

In these workshops, subjects such as pruning, sowing, grafting, transplanting, as well as professional gardening work in general are taught. The young people finish this training highly qualified to carry out gardening work, some of them have already been hired by the Casarrubuelos Town Council after completing this training.


All trainings and workshops given at the RAISE DEMO Center in Casarrubuelos, First Vermiculture DEMO Center in Europe, are oriented towards the fulfilment of the DEMO Center’s Objectives and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): especially those related to the sustainability of the territories and the respect for the planet’s environment. Also taking into account other goals related to gender equality, quality education and the reduction of inequalities.

As well as providing participants with skills and knowledge in specific areas to enable them to carry out green, sustainable and social entrepreneurship initiatives. They will also obtain a differentiating factor in their curriculum to be hired by sustainable companies and within the Circular Economy sector.

Forthcoming trainings:

  • Free workshops on Sustainability, Circular Economy, Recycling, Composting, Vermicomposting, Urban Home Gardens and Gardening.
  • Video training in cooking: from the garden to the table. Learn typical Spanish recipes and how to make your cooking more sustainable. Activity in collaboration with two of the young entrepreneurs (sustainable restaurant ‘Terra Gastro Taberna’ in Casarrubuelos) participating in the RAISE Youth Casarrubuelos project.

RAISE Casarrubuelos supports young entrepreneurs. If you would like to participate or find out more information about the RAISE Youth project in Spain, please write to us at You can also follow us on  FacebookInstagram or Twitter.